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Put God First

Faculty and Staff

Livia Michaels: Elementary Mathematics (K5-2nd grade) Instructor and Founder  
Mrs. Livia Michaels is the founder of MHA and a home schooled parent since 2001. She earned her Associates degree in Physical Therapy in 1993 from Chattanooga State Technical Community College in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As a Christian therapist, she understands the importance of keeping a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Her strong, Christian character is shown through her loving spirit toward her staff and student body. She is always excited to be leading her academy into another fun-filled year! Mrs. Michaels first taught home school physical education classes in 2002. At that time, she taught over 30 students and enjoyed it very much but upon completion of that year, she had to give up the classes upon learning that she was expecting her third child. After several more years and following the arrival of her fourth child, the Lord once again placed this ministry in her heart with a strong passion to become a more involved and engaged leader in the homeschooling community. As a mother of four and a great role model to all her children, Mrs. Livia Michaels certainly knows the meaning of "sacrifice" and definitely pours her all into this program while giving praise and glory to God.

Samantha Alsobrook: High School Health

It is a great honor to have Mrs. Samantha Alsobrook as our high school Health teacher this year. Mrs. Alsobrook graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Sociology and Criminal Justice from Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee. 

Her experiences include being a substitute teacher at Mountain View Christian Academy, in Bryant, Alabama, for one year before being hired as a Physical Education  Teacher and Guidance Counselor. After working there for a year, Mrs. Samantha Alsobrook accepted the position of being the Spanish I teacher for the Sophomore class. During this entire year, she was the head volleyball coach for the 5th - 12th grade team. In the year 2018, Mrs. Alsobrook was given the position of Head Volleyball        Coach for Jr. Varsity and Varsity teams at North Sand Mountain High School in Bryant, Alabama. Other experiences include being a Reserve Police Officer at the Red Bank Police Department in Red Bank, Tennessee, and working in the criminal justice field. We are blessed to have Mrs. Samantha Alsobrook as part of our amazing team of educators and look forward to working with her throughout the year and for many years to come. Welcome!                 


Paige Towers : Elementary School Mathematics (3rd-5th grade)

We are delighted to have the privilege to work with Mrs. Paige Towers. She will be teaching our 3rd - 5th grade elementary school mathematics at Michaels Homeschool Academy. Mrs. Towers graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Mrs. Towers has taught at Hickory Valley Christian Academy and Boyd Buchanan School for a combination of approximately seven years. She is energetic and enthusiastic about promoting learning with hands-on activities, class lesson plans, and individualized support. Mrs. Paige Towers will encourage her students through critical thinking and discussion skills using a variety of teaching techniques. She enjoys engaging students through lectures and discussions, and increasing classroom interaction to build an inclusive learning environment. Mrs. Towers has enjoyed traveling overseas to do mission work but feels that teaching and working with children is her ultimate calling. She has the heart to love and educate her students with such a passion to help them succeed and encourage them in their own unique learning styles. We are excited to warmly welcome Mrs. Paige Towers to our amazing group of educators. Welcome! 

Franklin Johnson: Middle School Mathematics and A & P 

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work side by side with this man of God once again. Mr. Frank Johnson will be teaching middle school mathematics at Michaels Homeschool Academy this coming year. Mr. Johnson graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Junior High Education with concentrations in Math and Social Studies from the University of Maine at Machias in Machias, Maine. Mr. Frank Johnson also has a Masters in School Leadership from New England College, in Henniker, New Hampshire. His experiences include teaching elementary through high school mathematics at Life Christian Academy, Washington Academy High School, Narraguagus High School, and Caravel Middle School in Maine. Mr. Frank has also substituted teaching for the Hamilton County Department of Education as well as worked as a security guard at McCallie School in Tennessee. His love for math is quite evident in the way he connects with his students. Mr. Johnson enjoys encouraging and mentoring his students and seeing them succeed. We are blessed to have Mr. Frank Johnson as part of our team of educators and look forward to working with him throughout the year and in the future. Welcome!            

Tyler Dockery: High School Algebra 2, Geometry, and PreCalculus

We are honored to work with Mr. Tyler Dockery as our high school Algebra 2, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus teacher. He is currently finishing his last year of Secondary Math Education at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. Mr. Dockery has 4 years of experience tutoring math to students in grades 8 through 12. Mr. Dockery enjoys engaging as a group facilitator and leading small team tutoring sessions while supporting independent progress. He is currently a Student Counselor for 10th-grade boys at a local church in Ooltewah, Tennessee. Mr. Tyler Dockery is very excited to be teaching a subject that is dear to his heart and looking forward to serving the homeschooling community at Michaels Homeschool Academy. We warmly welcome Mr. Tyler Dockery as a part of our team of amazing educators. Welcome!    

Fabiola Stewart: Middle School Science

We are honored to have Mrs. Fabiola Stewart as our middle school science teacher this coming year. Mrs. Stewart graduated with a Bachelor of Biology Education Composite from Brigham Young University in Rexburg, Idaho. She taught middle school Life Science for 5 years in Nampa, Idaho, in a Title 1 School. There she gained much experience in teaching in great diversity with a wide spectrum of abilities and capabilities. Mrs. Fabiola Stewart moved to Tennessee in 2018 where she taught one year of High School Biology, Biology A for students with IEPs, and Human Anatomy & Physiology at one of our local Hamilton County High Schools. She is an experienced teacher and leader with verbal and written communication skills. For the past 3 years, Mrs. Fabiola Stewart has had the privilege to stay home to enjoy raising her two children and is now ready and excited to be teaching back in the classroom once again. We joyfully welcome Mrs. Fabiola Stewart to our team of professional educators! Welcome!

Linda Buck: Algebra 1, Physical Science, and Chemistry

We are delighted to have Mrs. Linda Buck as our Algebra 1, Physical Science, and Chemistry teacher. Mrs. Buck has a Masters of Education degree from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, in Knoxville, Tennessee, along with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor degree in Chemistry from Memphis State University in Memphis, Tennessee. She has taught Algebra 1 at Whitfield High in Tunnel Hill, Georgia. Mrs. Linda Buck is also experienced in teaching Physical Science and Chemistry and has taught at Brainerd High School in Chattanooga, Tennessee as well as Ringgold High School in Ringgold, Georgia. Mrs. Buck has also taught Honors Chemistry 1 & II at Columbia Central High School in Columbia, Tennessee. She is also very passionate about seeing every child succeed in their own unique gifting. Mrs. Linda Buck brings over 30 years of classroom experience, and she is so excited to continue her teaching career at Michaels Homeschool Academy. We warmly welcome Mrs. Linda Buck as part of our excellent team of educators. Welcome!  

Tiffiany Stone: Elementary Through High School English, US History, and Applied Psychology

It is our honor to work with Mrs. Tiffiany Stone as our elementary through high school English teacher. As a homeschooled parent, she understands the value of home education. Mrs. Stone graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Special Education and Psychology from La Salle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She also earned a Master of Science Degree and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a concentration in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her experiences include an Internship at Widener Memorial School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as teaching all subjects at St. Boniface Elementary School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since 2013, she has been involved in her homeschooling community in Trenton, Georgia, where she currently resides. Mrs. Tiffiany Stone has taught unit studies to her local homeschooling families with concentrations in English, math, science, social studies, and Sign Language. With her teaching experience, she is able to establish clear objectives for all lessons, implement individualized educational plans, administer standardized tests, and develop customized curricula to encourage individualized mastery, etc. She will be a great asset to our English department. We joyfully welcome Mrs. Tiffiany Stone to our team of professional educators! Welcome!  


Mrs. Victoria Lauren Mudaliar: Elementary History, Middle School Geography, High School World History/Geography, and Elementary Through High School Spanish

We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Victoria Lauren Mudaliar. Mrs. Mudaliar graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her experiences include teaching history to multiple age groups in a private setting as well as in a co-op setting. Mrs. Mudaliar has designed and implemented lesson plans utilizing various teaching methods that encouraged student participation and enhanced student learning. She had the amazing opportunity to study in Uruguay, South America, as an exchange student. Mrs. Lauren Mudaliar has taught and tutored Spanish both at her home and at Tennessee Temple University. Her passion is in helping students understand that seeking learning opportunities can open up a whole new world of creativity and wonder. Her goal is to engage students with interactive, learning experiences that require teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Mrs. Victoria Lauren Mudaliar enjoys encouraging her students to engage in a way that allows them to find joy and purpose in the skill of learning. We warmly welcome her to our team!         

Bonita Eimers: Elementary Through High School American Sign Language

We are honored to welcome Mrs. Bonita Eimers as our elementary through high school American Sign Language teacher. Mrs. Eimers is a veteran homeschooling mom of 5 beautiful children. She is currently finishing her 11th year of homeschooling. Mrs. Bonita Eimers graduated with an Associate of Arts Degree in the year 2000, from Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She has over 13 years of experience working with the Deaf in various ministries, from babysitting, to working in the church nursery, to being a Sunday School teacher for deaf adults and children alike. Her hobbies include gardening, baking, and spending time with her family. Mrs. Eimers is a beautiful woman of God with a gentle, patient, and loving character. She believes God has given her the gift of Sign Language and is excited to share this gift with others. We warmly welcome Mrs. Bonita Eimers to our wonderful team of educators and look forward to working with her for many years. Welcome!      

Autumn Skiles: Elementary Through High School Music/Choir and  Elementary Through Middle School Japanese 

It is our absolute pleasure to have Mrs. Autumn Skiles as our elementary through high school music teacher. Mrs. Skiles graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She has worked for the School of Fine Arts in Chattanooga. Mrs. Autumn Skiles has also assisted the Chattanooga Library with their music workshops for the benefit of the children in the community. She communicates well with other staff, her students and their parents, organizes group learning events, and is experienced in choosing the appropriate repertoire for each student. Mrs. Autumn Skiles directed the May 2018, Chattanooga Southeast Tennessee Home Education Association graduation choir as well as participated with the Chattanooga Rotary Club. She is excited to share the gift of music with others and hopes to instill such a love for learning to the point that it inspires students to seek out and experience music throughout their whole lives. We are excited to be working with Mrs. Autumn Skiles and warmly welcome her to our team of educators. Welcome!       

Mary Layne: Elementary Through High School Art

It is our absolute pleasure to have Mrs. Mary Layne as our elementary through high school art teacher. Mrs. Layne was homeschooled as a child and is currently a homeschooled mother of two beautiful children. As a private art instructor, she entered her own pieces of work and won 1st Place in Regional Student Convention Division  using graphite pencil portraits and colored pencil portraits as well as 2nd Place in International Division using colored pencil portraits. Mrs. Mary Layne has a strong creative background and patience to effectively teach her students. She is experienced in digital art, graphite portraits, calligraphy, multiple paint mediums, and much more. As a Portrait and Landscape Artist, Mrs. Layne enjoys educating students in a variety of mediums such as acrylics, watercolors, charcoal, pen and ink, and others. She is excited to be putting all her experiences together and working with her students at MHA. Mrs. Mary Layne loves working with children and is passionate about inspiring her students and guiding them to develop their creativity and technique, as well as encouraging them to discover their own unique style by using a variety of media. With a great personality, positive character, and artistic skills, she will no doubt instill a love for art in her students. Mrs. Mary Layne will focus on teaching her students about the elements and principles of art, contour line studies, principles of design, color theory, composition techniques, and more to help them create their own masterpieces. We look forward to working with this energetic, fun-loving lady this coming year. Welcome!  

Kim Tisdale: Elementary Through High School Drama and Elementary English Grammar and Writing (Phonics)

We are excited to work with Mrs. Kim Tisdale as our elementary through high school drama teacher. Mrs. Kim Tisdale is a veteran homeschool mother of three (graduated) children and has taught in the Chattanooga homeschool community for almost 20 years. A native of Missouri, Mrs. Tisdale graduated from Central Methodist University with a B.A. in Theater and minors in English and Music. Her acting credits include principle roles in Agnes of God, Two by Two, Medea, The Cherry Orchard and Nunsense, among others. Her theater experience in Chattanooga includes over 13 years as costumer and backstage costume mistress at Ballet Tennessee and Chattanooga Ballet, as well as serving in that same capacity with Scenic City Opera for a season. Over the last 15 years, Mrs. Kim Tisdale has directed over 30 plays and drama events with the Salvation Army, Collegedale's Parks and Recreation department, and other local educational and homeschool organizations. From 2012 - 2017, she coached students in the National Shakespeare Competition to achieve first runner-up and top-three status at the district level, competing with students from more than 15 counties. Throughout her career, Mrs. Tisdale has witnessed how God can change lives through performance experience. She believes that theater is one of God's greatest gifts and is excited to share all aspects of creative theater through the dramatic arts with her young actors and their families. Welcome to our amazing team of educators!  

Mrs. Michelle Young: Elementary Through High School Basic Typing, Middle School Web Design, Elementary Through Middle School Robotics, High School Computer Programming, and  Elementary Through Middle School Knitting/Crocheting

It is an honor to welcome Mrs. Michelle Young to our academy. Mrs. Michelle Young majored in music and minored in art at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and was able to combine her love of math and art into a textile project that is based around the Magic Square, her favorite mathematical function. Her first experience in computer programming started in High School where she learned BASIC in math class, but in the early 2000's she learned HTML, and became a professional website creator. She has also maintained various sites, including the Chattanooga Writer's Guild. Later, she began teaching basic computer skills to children, teaching for Computer Tots in various Chattanooga schools (including Montessori), and has been teaching both individually, and in a classroom setting for more than ten years. Michelle enjoys combining left and right brain aspects into projects for her students, and believes that Michaels Homeschool Academy is a wonderful place to teach. We warmly welcome Mrs. Michelle Young to our superb team of educators. Welcome!   

At Michaels Homeschool Academy all our teachers are required in good faith to agree with each statement made in the MHA Statement of Faith.