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Put God First

Yearly Calendar

M  H  A  C    2018 – 2019  CALENDAR (Fall Semester)

August  9th                                  Parent/Teacher Orientation Meeting

August 14th                                  First Semester Classes begin! 

August 25th                                 *Swimming Field Trip*

August 30th                                 PE: Martial Arts / Self Defense Class 

September 3rd                              Labor Day Holiday (NO CLASSES)

September 28th                            *Hiking / Canoeing / Archery Field Trip*

October 8th - 12th                         Fall Break (NO CLASSES)

October 19th                                *Horseback Riding Field Trip*

November 2nd                              *Science Field Trip - Audubon Acres* 

November 16th                              Thanksgiving Program / "Operation Blessing His Hands & Feet" 

November 21st - 23rd                     Thanksgiving Holiday (NO CLASSES)

November 30th                             *Music Class Field Trip*

December 6th & 7th                       *Music Class Field Trip* 

December 10th - 13th                     Fun Week! / Pajama Week! 

December 14th                              Christmas Party!!! Fun! Fun! Fun! 

December 17th - 20th                    Last Week of Classes Before Christmas Break / Exam Week!   

December 31st                              Fall Semester Grades / Evaluations Emailed Out 

M  H  A  C    2018 – 2019  CALENDAR (Spring Semester)

January 15th                                Second Semester Classes begin!
January 17th                                PE: Fire and Safety Prevention Week
January 21st                                Martin Luther King Holiday (NO CLASSES) 
February 15th                              *WonderWorks in Pigeon Forge Field Trip* 
February 18th                              President's Day Holiday (NO CLASSES)
March 15th                                 *Roller Skating Field Trip*
March 18th - 22nd                        Spring Break (NO CLASSES)
April 5th                                     Talent Show! FUN! FUN !FUN!
April 11th, 18th & 25th                     PE: Presidential Fitness Testing (3 weeks allowance)
April 16th                                   *Music Field Trip* - "Colors of Grace"
April 26th                                   *Bowling Field Trip*  
May 6th - 10th                             Fun Week! / Wacky Tacky Week!
May 17th                                     Awards Night / Senior Recognition?!
May 21st - 23rd                            Last Week of Classes / Exam Week
May 31st                                     Spring Semester Grades / Evaluations Emailed Out


Red Letters = Field trips away from facility

Green Letters = Holidays


Every year, we introduce the fundamentals of baseball/softball, tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, football, bowling, swimming, martial arts, and so much more. We will work on balance, strength, agility, endurance, and flexibility techniques. LET’S HAVE FUN!!!!

Contact Information:   

⦁ Class Location:

> Oakwood Baptist Church, 4501 Bonny Oaks Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37416

Questions? Call Mrs. Livia Michaels at (423) 290-4890 or email her at michaelshac@yahoo.com