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Student Policies Form

                         M.H.A. POLICIES AND RELEASE FORM

Student Policies/Guidelines

> First semester grades will be emailed out by December 31st and second semester grades will be emailed out by May 31st of each school year. Parents must pay their student's monthly/semester fees before grades are handed/emailed out. If your family has an umbrella school, please follow their grading scale. If you do not have an umbrella school, you are welcome to follow ours. Our grading scale is as follows:                                            
                                                             A = 100 - 94
                                                             B = 93 - 86
                                                             C = 85 - 77
                                                             D = 76 - 70
                                                             F = 69 or below 

> Students are allowed 2 misses per class per semester. After the second miss (equivalent to 2 weeks) and at the teacher's discretion, 1 point will be deducted from the final semester grade per missed day, unless, a doctor's note or prior notification has been turned in with a parent's signature. 

> Each student, who has missed a class with a good excuse and with a parent's signature, has up to 2 weeks (from the missed day) to make up his/her missed homework without penalty, but the sooner, the better. After 2 weeks and with teacher discretion, it will not be counted as a grade.  

> Students entering the classroom 15 minutes late will be considered tardy. After 2 tardies and at teacher discretion, 1 point will be deducted from the final semester grade per 2 tardies or 1/2 point for every tardy unless a doctor's note or a good excuse has been turned in with a parent signature. Coming in late interrupts the classroom. Please be considerate to your teacher and fellow students and be on time for class. 

> Students experiencing symptoms of illness or fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or above will need to be kept at home. This is for their protection as well as the entire student body and staff. 

I, _______________________________ (parent/guardian) hereby, understand and agree to hold my child (name), ______________________________, accountable to all Student Policies/Guidelines stated above by M.H.A. during the school year _____________. 

Parent/Guardian Signature _____________________________  Date __________________  

                                                Thank you for your cooperation!