Michaels Homeschool Association
               of Chattanooga                    

Put God First

Safety Procedures

                                     SAFETY PROCEDURES

Pick-up and Drop-off  
The safety of your children is our first priority. Therefore, we are asking for your help in the following areas:
1. Elementary Students: Please drop off and pick up your kids in their classrooms.
2. Middle School Students: Parents utilize the entrance for drop-off and pick-up.  
3. High School Students: If you are not a student driver, parents can utilize the main
    entrance for drop-off and pickup. Student drivers can park across the bridge.   
4. All students need to enter the premises at the Educational Building through               
    the double glass doors under the brown awning. In case of rain, the single glass 
    door under the carport will be accessible.   

NOTE: An M.H.A. keychain will be provided for parents, middle, and high school students to be able to come in and out of our buildings. Be ready to show this method of security when coming inside our buildings or picking up at the carport.     

We will first assess the situation and do our best to contain the fire. In the event of a fire that is hard to manage, the following steps will be taken to ensure the safety of all building occupants:

1. Activate the fire alarm.
2. Call 911 immediately and provide information.
3. Assist and notify emergency responders of any medical emergencies.
4. Exit the building (the meeting place will be the grassy area across the bridge).  

In case of a tornado, we will gather our student body and proceed to the middle and most protected area in the facility which are the rooms in the first hallway.

In case of a flood, we will gather our student body and proceed to the 2nd floor of the Children's building which is our Drama classroom. 

To further increase our security level, there are active cameras in every building. Only 1 entrance will be utilized to come in and out of the facility unless it rains. In an emergency situation, all outside doors/exits can be accessed.