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Being a part of this physical education program and ministering to your child(ren) means a lot to us. With God's hand leading the way, we offer these classes as a service to our local home school community. Because of this, we keep our prices very reasonable. In addition, we offer a discount for each child starting with the second child that is registered in our elementary and middle school classes. We meet at Oakwood Baptist Church in Chattanooga. Our fall semester begins in August and our spring semester begins in January. Our schedule and fees are as follows: (Please see below for a description of each course)     

Course: Physical Education (Elementary Level)

Grade Level: K5 - 5th grade

Day/Time: Thursdays @ 12:15 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. (at Oakwood Baptist Church) 

Cost: $30/month for 1st child + $25 registration fee 

         $25/month for each additional child + $25 registration fee  

Instructor: Mrs. Livia Michaels

Course: Physical Education (Middle School Level)

Grade Level: 6th - 8th grade (A 5th grader is welcome to join this class at parent/teacher discretion)

Day/Time: Thursdays @ 1:50 p.m. - 3:05 p.m. (at Oakwood Baptist Church)

Cost: $30/month for 1st child + $25 registration fee 

         $25/month for each additional child + $25 registration fee

Instructor: Mrs. Livia Michaels

NOTE: This class is combined with the high school class. 

Course: Physical Education (High School Level)  

Grade Level: 9th - 12th grade

Day/Time: Thursdays @ 1:50 p.m. - 3:05 p.m. (at Oakwood Baptist Church)

Cost: $30 per month per child + $25 registration fee 

         $25/month for each additional child + $25 registration fee 

Instructor: Mrs. Livia Michaels

NOTE: This class is combined with the middle school class.

Course: Health/CPR/First Aid (High School Level)

Grade Level: 9th - 12th grade

Day/Time: (This course will be offered in the fall 2021)

Cost: $50 per month per child + $30 registration fee

Book(s): Walking For Health ISBN # 1903258278. You can purchase this book new or used through Abebooks.com, half.com, Amazon.com, etc. Please make sure the ISBN numbers match.  

Instructor: Mrs. Livia Michaels

*Mrs. Michaels will be available for "Question/Answer" sessions regarding weekly homework via email, phone, or by personal appointment at our facility, if necessary.*  

Course Description

Physical Education Program (K5 - 12th grade)
Michaels Homeschool Academy is open to children of all ages from K5 through 12th grade. Each high school student that goes through our program will be able to meet the PE credits required for graduation up to 1 credit hour (a weekly activity log will be kept for the high school levels only). Our PE program consist of a short devotional followed by warm ups, stretches, calisthenics, sport of the week, and so much more. We teach over the fundamentals of baseball/softball, soccer, flag football, basketball, volleyball and tennis. Every PE student will not only be strengthened physically but also spiritually as we strive to fulfill God's calling by starting each class with a prayer and a short Bible devotional using the "Sticky Situations" book for our elementary and middle school age groups and the "Jesus Calling" book for our high school age group. Each fall semester, we begin by preparing our students for the Presidential Fitness Testing which takes place in the spring of each year. In keeping a well rounded program, we have also incorporated several field trips per semester which consist of swimming, hiking/canoeing, horseback riding, a trip to Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge, skating, bowling, and so much more. At the end of the year, every child receives a certificate of participation and a few will receive a metal and/or trophy for a special recognition. Through this program, all our students can also enjoy interacting with one another and building lasting friendships while at the same time working on keeping their minds and bodies healthy through exercise as we work on strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, and agility.   

Health Class (9th - 12th grade) 
We are very excited to continue our high school program this coming year. Each high school student that goes through our Health program will be able to meet the health credits required for graduation up to 1.0 credit hours. For maximum learning benefits, this course will be offered as one year long course. In this course, we are incorporating the health class with a CPR class and a First Aid class. The book Walking for Health is a highly, illustrated text on walking for health and well being with step-by-step techniques that will teach to improve your posture, stride, and mastery of different terrains. This course will highlight the many benefits of exercise, including increased energy, improved circulation, better balance, and greater bone strength. This book also touches on first aid and safety, CPR, health conditions caused/aggravated by a lack of activity, and eating habits throughout a lifetime. For this age group, there will be a personal log of each student, which will be kept in our records, to determine the student's grade point average. Every high school student will receive a final written grade at the end of each semester. The grading scale is based on a 0 - 100 scale and will be a composite score based on tests scores, attendance, participation, and extra credit. As a bonus, we are giving back to your student one month's tuition fee in the form of a CPR certification and First Aid certification. Your student will be CPR certified and First Aid certified at the end of this course. This class is open to all high school students, but students must be 15 years old or older by February of each year to qualify for certifications. 

*Here at M.H.A., we feel it is our duty to serve our home school community in a greater degree by providing these outstanding services and at the same time answering a higher call.  We are also blessed to continue embarking in this adventurous journey and give God the glory for all our accomplishments.* 


*If payment options are needed to be discussed please feel free to contact Livia Michaels (P.E. Instructor)*