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Field Trip Release Form

                                       FIELD TRIP CONSENT AND RELEASE FORM

I hereby give permission to (child’s full name) __________________________________ to participate with the Michaels Homeschool Academy (MHA) in the following event _________________________ this _____ day of ________________ in the year _____. Further, I authorize the staff and any trained personnel to provide emergency medical treatment of an injury or illness to my child, myself, or any member of my family when deemed necessary and agree to accept all responsibility, to and from the above destination(s), in case of injury or illness to my child, myself, or any other member of my family.  

My child(ren) and I are aware that participating in any sport or sport-like activity is potentially hazardous. Therefore, I understand and hereby waive and agree to hold harmless MHA and its administrator(s), coaches, teachers, parents, or any other participants and all their families including any location(s) at which Michaels Homeschool Academy activities take place, in the event of any injury or illness to my child, myself, or any other member of my family including any child placed in my care during any and all activities including but not limited to this particular event. All risks are known and understood by me.

Furthermore, as the parent and/or guardian adult, I agree to give permission to Michaels Homeschool Academy (MHA) to take images of my child(ren) or children in my care and use any picture(s), at their discretion, for the purposes of advertising. I hereby agree and of my own accord freely sign this agreement.   

Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________ Date: ________________