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Put God First

Dress Code and Consent Form

                                      MHA DRESS CODE AND CONSENT FORM

To maintain a good learning environment and to avoid any distractions in the classroom, we have come up with a few dress code restrictions.

The following are NOT encouraged:  

> Tank tops/muscle shirts                                           
> Bare midriffs tops                                                   
> Spandex/underwear as outerwear                               
> Inappropriate slogans or emblems                              
> Super bright/loud hair colors                                     
> Sunglasses, Headphones, Earbuds, etc.                                
> Exposed undergarments                                            
> Spaghetti straps
> Hats or headgear
> Sagging pants
> See-through clothing
> Exposed undergarments
> Low-cut shirts 
> Super tight clothing
> Any excessive body piercing or tattoos will need to be eliminated/covered
> Mini skirts without shorts underneath or shorts that are too short

*We want to honor God in all we do and that includes in the way we present ourselves to Him and others. Thank you for your cooperation!*

I, _____________________________ (parent/guardian) hereby, understand and agree to hold my child (name), __________________________, accountable to all Dress Code regulations stated above by M.H.A. during the school year _________________. Furthermore, we will respect that comfortable, modest attire is acceptable.  

Parent/Guardian Signature __________________________________  Date ___________________