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Posted by Livia Michaels on March 24, 2016 at 9:05 AM

Hello Friends,

Please read this exciting news for the upcoming year 2017. Brace yourselves! There is A LOT of information. In celebration of our 8th consecutive year, we have several wonderful opportunities we want to share with you all.


First of all, our PE field trips and special events will be taking place mainly on Fridays starting in the fall (classes will still be on Mondays). This is important because it will open our schedule up to be able to add 6 extra PE class days throughtout the year. We will only be charging for 4 extra days giving everyone 3 FREE classes because I am also not charging for one class in the second semester. Woohoo! This is great news!


Second, we are adding sciences to our program. We are super excited to be bringing Mrs. Crystal Locke as our newest staff member on board. She has a Bachelor of Science Elementary and Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor of Science Human Resources with teaching experience since 2009. Mrs. Locke graduated with honors, and she will be teaching our middle and high school sciences as well as our middle school mathematics. We are blessed to have her be a part of our team. Truly a God thing!


Third, Mr. Frank Johnson will continue to teach our high school mathematics classes up to Advanced Mathematics. Right now, he is working 3 jobs, but we would like for him to eventually only work for us and be able to free more of his time teaching with us which is his ultimate goal and one of his passions. Please spread the word about his classes! We want to keep providing this services for the future of our community.


Forth, Miss Nelida Burgos will continue to teach all our Spanish classes as well as our elementary math and Pre-Algebra classes. Miss Burgos and I have more exciting news to share with you all. This is HUGE news! Miss Nelida is looking at gathering more information for the possibility of having a mission trip to Latin America with her Spanish class(es) for next summer 2017. We still need to gather all the information and be approved first. This is where you all come in. Please be in prayer as we follow God's plans for our organization and for our individual spiritual growth. We trust our Heavenly Father for His vision and His provisions. We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us. We know in our hearts that if this is God's will, He will no doubt open the doors for this mission trip to take place, as He has already open so many doors for this organization and for His glory. We need God's people to pray. Thank you!


Last, early registration begins April 10th. When registering from April 10th - 15th, you will receive not only $5 off registration, but your name will also be placed in our drawing for 1 of 3 - $100 scholarship, as I promised last semester. Drawing will take place in late July. T-shirts will also be given to the first 50 registered students with registration fee included. Don't miss out!


Sorry for the lengthy message, but a lot is happening and I wanted to share it with you all. We are extremely blessed to have all this dedicated and amazing teachers under one roof. Please, please show your appreciation by spreading the word about all our classes that need to be filled up. In order to continue serving this community, we need a minimum of 5-6 students per class. Thank you in advance for your help!


Here is the summary of all your opportunities for this coming fall 2017:

1. 6 extra PE classes, 3 FREE classes

2. $5 off with early registration (April 10th - 15th)

3. Your name placed in our drawing for 1 of 3 - $100 scholarships with registration (1 win per family).

4. T-shirts to the first 50 registered students

5. PE, Spanish, Mathematics, and Science classes available with superb teachers

6. Plans to go on a mission trip to Latin America next summer 2017


This is awesome, super-duper exciting news! Lots to think and pray about! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time. Have a terrific and blessed week!


In Christ,

Livia Michaels


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